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Stephen Marks LMT
At Stephen Marks LMT we focus on improving each persons quality of life through massage therapy.  Each massage is tailored to each individuals personal needs based on information provided by the individual and/or doctor, and the intuitiveness of the therapist.  Stephen provides a variety of services including:
  •  Swedish Massage
  •  Therapeutic Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Each session is designed to wrap the mind and body with peace, love, and tranquility.  Creating a truly therapeutic experience each time.  Stephen loves the work that he does and truly enjoys seeing the relaxation, rejuvenation and health benefits that his clients receive.
    What You Will Receive:
    During the Muscle & Stress Evaluation we will discuss any problems that you are having. Maybe you are having tightness in your shoulders or into your neck. Maybe you have been having low back pain or spasms. You may just not have any issues right now and just want an overall body relaxation massage.
    Your Massage
    You will always know exactly what to expect as we take the time to fully explain the massage process and will always answer any questions that you may have. We want you to feel comfortable with your entire massage session and expect that you will leave us with a complete feeling of stress-free relaxation.
    Our Goals
    Our goals are to ensure that you are happy with your massage and that your body feels relaxed and refreshed. Our biggest compliment is your happiness. We understand that when we have provided you with an outstanding experience you will return and refer your friends and family.
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